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Nice to meet you. I'm Daisuke Takaura, an artist active in Tokyo.

I’m very pleased to have you read this article.

This time, I’m considering a project using multiple disposable cameras as one of the works to be exhibited at my solo exhibition to be held in Tokyo in May,2020. I hope that you will be able to read and take an interest in the following articles.


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"BLINKING DIALOGUE" Project (Tentative)

The picture shows the world as seen from the viewpoint of the person who took it.

The person who sees the picture gets the perspective of the person who took the picture and sees the person's world.

I feel it is close to the dialogue in the play. Because the performer becomes the role by borrowing the dialogue and lives in the world. As a former theatrical performer, I am interested in the relationship between photography and theater, as well as the expressions that are created when the characteristics of each are multiplied. What kind of conversation will the <Words of vision> that the camera gathers through some kind of connection between people show us?


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① Please take 2 photos with this camera within 36 hours of receiving it (It's okay to be a little late.) and hand it to the next person freely. It doesn't matter who your family, friends, or people you happen to meet on the street, and you can hand it to them, mail it to them, or give it to them. I took the first picture.

It doesn't matter what you take, and you don't have to worry about whether it comes out properly.

② If you took the last photo with this camera (This disposable camera has 27 exposures, so if you have taken the 27 th image,), or if you have this camera as of March 28, please send it to me cash on delivery.


Postal address: Daisuke Takakura

▶︎ 201 Sunny Hill H,4-25-16,Shakujii-machi,Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0041 Japan


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Also, please fill in your name, gender, age, location, and relationship with the person who handed you the camera in any form you like on the next page. You can fill in only the part you want to fill out, but I would be very happy if you could fill it out in order to make the project richer. The reason why the entries are made visible to project participants is that I wanted them to imagine how this camera came to you. But if you are a little worried about filling out this form, please use this web form. ▶︎


Also, for those who send emails to my email address, I will limited upload all photos taken by our camera to the internet (Will use Google Photos) and send you a link to a URL where you can view them. The email address you sent me will be used for communication only.

Address ▶︎


Please note that information other than the photo you took and the email address you provided will be available in the future.

・It may be used in exhibitions, SNS, magazines, and other media announcements and publications.

・possibility of selling in the form of works or photo books

Please understand that.


Also, if you took a picture of someone you know, we would appreciate it if you could confirm the above announcement, publication, and sales possibility to avoid trouble later. That is not the case for taking a snap shot in the city. I will be responsible for checking the developed photos and use the ones that I have judged to have no problem with portrait rights.


Also, I am very sorry to avoid any trouble, but all the photos you provided are copyrighted and belong to me. However, with regard to the photos you took yourself, you are free to upload them on SNS, and I would like to be flexible so that it will be a pleasant project each time.


We hope that only those who have confirmed and agreed to participate in this project.

All participants agree to the above.


I myself am very excited about the improvisation of this camera. I hope you'll enjoy it together.

Thank you very much.


Daisuke Takakura


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I wrote this simple article so that people can join easily, but those who want to know more about me or those who are interested in, please check out my website for my profile and their works.

Daisuke Takakura web ▶︎


◎Finally, here are some tips for taking pictures with disposable cameras.

・This is a camera with a lens that does not focus if the subject is closer than 1m. On the other hand, if it is more than 1m away, it will be in focus.
・This camera has a flash that can reach 3 meters away. If you go further, the flash won't be able to reach.
・This is a low-sensitivity camera (ISO 400), so if you use a flash during the day, it will look brighter. Of course, you can take pictures without a flash.

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