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loose polyhedron (2016-)

loose polyhedron


“loose polyhedron” is a series of works imagined as a “typology of emotions.” Here, he has had his subjects complete a polygonal emotional balance chart, then visualized those results by synthesizing photos of their emotions into  unique portraits.This balance chart shows how the balance of joy, anger, sadness, joy, natural state emotions appears in the everyday in a balanced way. These five emotions were chosen based on Japanese words [KI DO AI RAKU]. 【KI DO AI RAKU】 categorized emotions of people into four large. There are five emotions with a flat emotion [SU] there is a pentagonal balance chart.


People are listed in order from left to right in the order of [KI = pleasure] [DO = anger] [SU = flat] [AI = sorrow] [RAKU = delight]. The level of each emotion is reflected in the distance from the lens of the model.


From this series you can see various facial expressions, multifacetedness, suppressed feelings of one person. Sometimes there are emotions that conflict inside of you. In addition, this series attempts to express [emotional typology] by deciding format. From this series you can also sea what people have with their emotions.

In addition, the splendor that people who are given a script named emotion expresses emotion vividly emerges.


“loose polyhedron”は感情のタイポロジーとしてイメージされたシリーズである。








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